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You can cut through hype nonsense and convert your target customers every time. Modash helps you deliver influencer campaigns that propel your company forward.

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100,000,000+ Influencers across 4 platforms -- easily filter to find the ones who reach your audience

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Get in depth audience and influencer data. Fake followers, demographics, contact info and performance insights.

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Be first to know when influencer posts go live and if they match campaign guidelines. Get alerts, export content & more.

Not just another influencer marketing platform

We’re sick of platforms who lock you in to long term contracts, upsell you unnecessary services, lie to your face about data accuracy and forget what matters most: Growing your business!

Ask us why we're 20% more accurate than the leading alternative.


Find the partners who will crush your growth goals

Select the most important criteria for you and get a list of the influencers who reach your audience anywhere in the world. Lookalike audiences and recommendations help you get more of what works best.

“We have run thousands of searches through Modash without fail, finding influencers for clients like Aldi UK and Warner Leisure Hotels hotels. Within a few clicks, there are results we're super happy with.”

Paul Strong
Creative Director at Hoopla Marketing UK

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Don’t leave money on the table.. Or have it stolen by fake followers

Start verifying influencer audiences without contacting them, check fake followers, get contact details for the ones who reach your target audience and use analytics to optimize your decisions over time.

"We’re working with hundreds of influencers globally. Modash is our go-to for verifying Instagram influencers’ accounts at scale."

Mykhailo Kudla
Global Marketing Partnerships Lead at Bolt

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Stay on top of things and never screenshot a post again

You tell us who to track, we’ll collect your branded content, let you know who posted when they post, alert you to any missing hashtags, and help you comply with laws and regulations.

“Modash allows so much scale, that our customers began having trouble keeping up with the content being posted. We built monitoring to stay on top of posts and guidelines, so they don’t have to.”

Avery Schrader
Founder & CEO of Modash

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We’re not the best at everything

We’re the best at what we do - we let our friends cover the rest. Plug in via API, CSV or our custom built integrations to optimize your workflow.

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